WRS Training offers 3 types of training:
  1. Free Webinars to give you a preview of topics offered in seminars and retreats
  2. Live seminar workshops for 2 hours or more at your office.
  3. Pool Party Retreats to spend half the day in structured SEO training and half the day at a Pool Party for fun and less structured discussion.
Search engine optimization, SEO, is the fastest growing form of Internet marketing, and the most successful and cost effective way to promote a website and receive maximum ROI. Learn how to optimize a website, rewrite HTML code, titles and tags; choose competitive keywords, write optimized content and create a successful linking plan. Benefits include enhanced visibility, better brand awareness and increased sales. We cover the basics of website structure, how search engines work and what they are looking for, choosing competitive keywords, writing content for your website, code optimization, linking and other advanced optimization techniques.